What have we done?

Below are a few examples of projects we have worked on.

Hardware/RefleXions Integration

South Australia Rail

When a rail maintenance vehicle travels via the rail lines it is essentially a "train" and is subject to the regulations for trains in terms of driver and vehicle status. A "Vigilance" system is used to ensure that the driver is in control of the vehicle and that the vehicle is complying with the operational constraints like speed.

With the increasing focus on workplace health and safety, the company providing the maintenance services needed to have a real time view of the operational status of the vehicles including the status of the vigilance system and any events. The challenge was that the vigilance system had no way of reporting its status 'back to base'.

Arvia designed a device that would connect to the vigilance system to collect the necessary data and forward that data back to our refleXions SAAS system via the Telstra 3G network. RefleXions transformed the received data into a suitable format and forwarded it into the customers IVMS system as a virtual vehicle, providing the required real time vehicle information on location and status.

Hardware / RefleXions Integration

Light-City Buses

Light-City Buses is an Australian bus service operator in Adelaide. It operates services as part of the Adelaide Metro network under contract to the Government of South Australia.

The company is liable to be fined if services do not run on time. The challenge was that there was no way to collect data from the buses to provide "proof of delivery" and provide accurate data on when the service level was not met.

Arvia created a device that could collect data from the bus on-board systems and deliver the necessary information to the Light-City Buses via refleXions.

Photo by James ADL



Broadspectrum, formerly known as Transfield Services Ltd., was an Australian publicly listed corporation, until June 2016 when it was acquired by Ferrovial. It provides operations and maintenance, asset management, project and capital management outsourcing and infrastructure development services to the resources and industrial, infrastructure services and property and facilities management sectors. The Company operates in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Chile, Brunei, New Caledonia, and The Philippines.

In Australia and New Zealand, Broadspectrum operates a fleet of approximately 3000 vehicles of various types including utility, passenger, construction, logistics and buses. Arvia provides the installation and maintenance services for the GPS/IVMS system in the fleet. We also provide a number of utility devices manufactured by Arvia.

Hardware Design/Manufacture

Dallas Key/iButton reader

iButtons (aka Dallas Keys) are used around the world for identifying vehicle drivers, building access and a plethora of other industrial and commercial applications.

The challenge for companies that use iButtons is that whilst the unique identifier of each key is stamped onto each key it is so small that a strong magnifier is needed to read it. This causes a problem for managing key allocation/assignment. There are a number of devices on the market to read the keys however they require that software be installed onto the computer and this is not possible on a great many corporate computers where the user does not have the ability to install 3rd party applications.

Solution: Arvia designed, built and markets a low cost device that plugs into the USB port of any modern computer and reads the ID from the tag into any application (typically a spreadsheet etc).

the Arvia iButton reader is used by companies across the world including Broadspectrum, Caltex, Timberlink Australia, Cleanaway, Verizon and other companies in the United Kingdom, USA, Israel, Singapore, Manus Island, Nauru Island and others.