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IVMS & GPS Installations

Arvia is the premium supplier in Australia and New Zealand of GPS equipment installations and maintenance. We have the systems, processes and experience to ensure your rollout is successful. We have installed and managed more than 10 thousand devices in Australasia.

Arvia provides this service to a number of Australian and global enterprises. Our customers include Telstra, Broadspectrum and global company Verizon.


refleXions SAAS

If you need to collect data from disparate systems, transform the information and then re-transmit the data to your systems then refleXions is the SAAS service you need. RefleXions can take data from different sources, for example multiple types of GPS trackers or multiple GPS service providers, transform the data to information in a common format and then forward that information to your systems.


Bespoke Design

Arvia has over 30 years experience designing and building solutions for customers to fulfil business requirements. We are not a web site developer - we build on-board, web based and mobile applications. Some of our projects have been around building "on-device" applications for specialised data collection and reporting. Most applications we develop revolve around GPS Tracking, Route planning and optimisation and data aggregation and transformation.

Arvia is a technology company

SAAS/Technology solutions

We have over 30 years of delivering products and services across a broad range of industries and applications. We have a strong focus on data collection from GPS and other source types and deliver innovative solutions to match the customers required business outcomes. Arvia does not just develop software - sometimes we develop specialised hardware devices and solutions to deliver the requirement.


With over 200 installation technicians across Australia and New Zealand, Arvia is Australias premium independent installation and management provider of services GPS related equipment installations and ongoing maintenance. Couple SLAs, strong processes and integrated systems with years of experience and you have the most qualified company in Australasia to partner with for a successful rollout and ongoing maintenance.


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Communication is the key to every relationship. So take a minute to have a look at our portfolio and then tell us about your project and explore how Arvia can help you to build intelligent solutions for your goals.